Personal Training

The gym can be an uncomfortable place when you're just getting started, and we want to help you overcome that. Our trainers will guide you through workouts giving you the knowledge and motivation to reach your goals. Whether it's your first time or you're a more advanced athlete looking to go to the next level, we will give you the confidence, accountability, and our experience to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Kingdom Fitness offers Personal Training in a 1-on-1 environment or in small groups.

Workout Programming

Are you ready to change it up? Or maybe you don't even know where to start! Thanks to our mobile app you can now have our trainers right in your pocket. Kingdom Fitness can design a custom program based on your goals and abilities, backed with easy to follow instructions and video demonstrations. Bust out of your same old routine, stop using Pinterest and Instagram workouts made for random people, and get a program designed just for you!

$50 per design. Trainerize app $10/month

Nutrition Coaching

We all want that 6-pack, right? You've been hitting the gym consistently but just haven't seen the results you're looking for, and with so many fad diets out there now it's hard to know what to do. Low carb, vegan, fasting, etc. We are lifestyle-based nutrition coaches! That means we help you find a diet that is sustainable, flexible, and effective for the long term. We strive to help you regain control of your habits, learn how to make appropriate food choices and break the restrict and binge cycle. We want to be the coach that's in your corner, ready to answer your questions, create a plan, and help hold you accountable to it.

$69 per month

Meal Prep Course

Nowadays life is just too crazy not to plan ahead. You find yourself with nothing to eat and no energy to cook. And if this fitness and nutrition thing is new to you, it's probably a little overwhelming. Meal prepping is a great way to help you stay on track through those hectic hours of the week. But how do you even start? We'll work with you to design a meal prep course.

$399 per course